Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's Really January

The Shrimp and I went for a walk after school today. It was one of my last days to pick him up at 3:00 until after the legislature is over, so I was glad he wanted to do something like that. We hiked down to Parkway, ostensibly to see if there were any pictures there I could use on my makeshift office walls. The real reason? Just to have somewhere to go.

At first as we went along, I kept saying "come on" and "if you don't keep walking we'll freeze to death". As we progressed, though, I realized that the walk itself was the point, and if he wanted to poke a stick into a puddle, splash it around, and declare it to be fish guts, I should let him. Heck, I should probably even participate. So, we slowed down. It was chilly, and gray, and raw. The wind kept coming at us in these huge howling gusts. But eventually, we got down to Parkway, shuffled inside, and got warmed up by playing war with the Playmobil guys. I think I lost, although I pitched my fire-breathing dragon into his camp in a last-ditch attempt to save my side.

On the way back up, we decided to cut through the back lawns of some people we haven't met--but we almost did, since we got so close to their house as we sneaked by. After dawdling suitably on the way down Kingwood, we managed to get back inside our (thankfully) warm house, and we ended the evening with dinner in front of the last college bowl game of the year. It was great.

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Lori said...

that sounds great. :^)