Monday, January 12, 2009

First Day of School, er, Session

I went home for lunch today. As the dog watched hopefully, I reached into a cabinet and took out the butter, completely failing to notice that we'd left the (very warm) under- cabinet lights on this morning. As I slung the butter dish around toward the counter, it became apparent that the butter had melted as much as butter can melt while still retaining a solid appearance. At least half of it hit my skirt with a "floop" sound, and the rest brushed the dog's nose as it headed for the floor. More floop. The dog felt that his own personal prayers were finally being answered, as I shrieked and ran for the stairs (leaving him and the butter alone together). Wonder if it'll ever come out of the skirt?

After changing my skirt twice more (wrecked the second one having lunch), I chickened out on going to the Capitol. Went to the Health Fund Board in Portland instead, came home early w/ KC, picked up the shrimp. They went to basketball, I went to BSF. It was a great evening.

I'll face reality (at the Capitol) tomorrow.

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