Sunday, March 1, 2009

Chickens, Snow, and Sick People

So . . . the first order of business last week was CHICKEN NIGHT at City Council. The Salem City Council declined our request to put the issue of allowing backyard chickens on the agenda, so instead, we packed the council chambers and signed up on the "other business--public testimony" part of the agenda. We had 17 speakers, and lots of Boy Scouts in the audience. I was the lead speaker, and I must say, I did an entirely respectable job. We all did. Now, all that remains is for them to say yes. Which they haven't done. Yet.

Then, on Wednesday, it snowed. Three inches, at our house, but school stayed open. With the combination of too many snow days already and looming budget cuts threatening to shorten the school year further, I guess they decided to hope for the best. And a darn good thing they did, because . . .

Yep, we have sick people. When I got home Thursday evening, Aidan collapsed on me, and Hannah said he had almost fallen asleep in the car on the way home from school. He had a big fever by the time I got to him, so I dosed him up with kiddie motrin and put him to bed. Then Kevin came along and collapsed on the couch. I gave him motrin, too, and left him there.

The next day, neither one of them was moving, so I got A into our bed, gave him the computer and some movies, and left him with Kevin. They huddled. When I called to check in around 11:00, they informed me that they were "fine"


Neither one has moved, more than a few inches, since then.

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