Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook
From Cabo San Lucas

For December 18, 2008

Outside My Window
It is cloudy and 80 degrees, but will brighten up later.

I am thinking
About Gift From the Sea, in which she talks about how, when on vacation, it takes several days for her mind to come out of lock-down and start to toss up ideas, thoughts, observations, etc, about her life. I am just getting to that stage (day 5)

I am thankful for
The fact that the weather appears to be clearing in Portland, so we'll be able to get home tomorrow night.

From the learning rooms
I haven't been reading to the shrimp, except for a few pages at night before bed. During the break I plan to start doing that again, at least 20-30 minutes a day.

From the kitchen
Nothing except sandwiches and McVities. We're going to Damiana tonight in San Jose.

I am wearing
Shorts and a t-shirt

I am creating
The red sweater. This is the first time I've used a real pattern, and stitch markers. I'm learning lots.

I am going
To the pool, pretty soon.

I am reading
The Girl With No Shadow, by Joanne Harris. It's great.

I am hoping
That when I get home I can

  1. clean my closet,
  2. lose 10 pounds,
  3. start working out five days a week,
  4. start getting up earlier,
  5. begin taking my child to church and teaching him about God,
  6. help him make more friends,
  7. teach him higher math,
  8. take him to the theatre more often,
  9. get him piano and swimming lessons started,
  10. get him to eat more foods.
  11. I am also hoping that the babysitter is still agreeable to helping out during the Session,
  12. that I can start cooking 5 perfect dinners per week which we eat sitting around a table while conversing politely, and
  13. that I can keep my car clean.

This list looks faintly ridiculous (as in, more than is realistic) when I line everything out in my head. Maybe I don't have as much to feel guilty about as I thought.

I am hearing
The waves and the sound of little kids around the pool.

Around the house

One of my favorite things
Having my family all together.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week
Finish Christmas shopping, wrap the gifts, invite for New Year's eve, work out, clean my closet as above, etc. Not much.

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